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Primary and Secondary Information Sources on Drugs and Related Health Issues:
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Medical and Therapeutic Journals
Annals of Internal Medicine
British Medical Journal
Journal of the American Medical Association
New England Journal of Medicine
  Useful Addresses
Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain
1 Lambeth High Street
London SEI IJN, England
    United States Pharmacopeial Convention, Inc.
Drug and Toxicology Information and Pharmacology Journals   12601 Twinbrook Parkway
Rockville, Md. 20852, US
British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology    
Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics   Victorian Medical Postgraduate Foundation,Inc
European Journal of Clinical Pharmacology   Chelsea House, 3rd floor
Human and Experimental Toxicology   55 Flemington Road
Journal of Toxicology and Clinical Toxicology   North Melbourne VIC 305, Australia
Medical Toxicology and Adverse Drug Experience    
Australian Prescriber   World Health Organization
Prescrire (France)   Action Programme on Essential Drugs
Pharmacy Journals   Publications Office
American Journal of Hospital Pharmacy   1211 Geneva 27, Switzerland
Annals of Pharmacotherapy
Clinical Pharmacy    
DICP-Annals of Pharmacotherapy   International Network for the Rational Use of Drugs (INRUD)
Journal of Clinical and Hospital Pharmacy   1655 North Fort Myer Drive, Suite 920,
Journal of Clinical Pharmacy and Therapeutics   Arlington, VA 22209, USA
Pharmaceutical Journal UK
Eastern Pharmacist    
Indian Drugs   International Society of Drug Bulletins (ISDB)
    PO Box 459
Journals in Specific Areas   75527 Paris Cedex 11, France
American Journal of Emergency Medicine
Annals of Emergency Medicine    
British Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology   Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF)
Critical Care Medicine   Max Euweplein 40
Journal of Antimicrobials and Chemotherapy   1017 MB Amsterdam
Journal of Infectious Diseases   The Netherlands
Journal of Paediatrics and Child Health    
    Drug Controller of India,
Essential Journals in Specific Areas   Nirman Bhavan, New Delhi 110 003
American Journal of Emergency Medicine    
Annals of Emergency Medicine   Drug Technical Advisory Board (DTAB), c/o, Drug Controller of India
British Drugs Lists and Therapeutic Formularies
British National Formulary, updated every six months   Nirman Bhavan, New Delhi 110 003
    Editor, BODHI (Bulletin of Drug Health and Information), 254 Lake Town, Calcutta 700 089
Essential Drug Lists    
Essential Drugs List, Ministry of Health, Govt. of India (1996)   E-Drug Electronic Conference: Electronic Network focusing on essential drugs and related topics. Individuals can sign up, free of charge, by
The WHO Model Lists of Essential Drugs: The Use and Selection of Essential Drugs, Technical Report Series 615, 641, 722, 770, 850, 867 (1977, 1979, 1983, 1985, 1988, 1992, 1995, 1997), WHO,Geneva   sending an e-mail to : with the following text in your e-mail message:subscribe e-drug
<your e-mail address>.